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Feel the beauty of nature.

Feel at home in a warm and inviting Japanese-style room, featuring views of the beautiful Hakone mountains and flowering hotel garden, vibrant in every season.
As you change into a comforting yukata robe, soft tatami flooring and the scent of flowers from an open window invite you to settle in and enjoy the natural beauty of Hakone.
Choose a room type that fits your mood—whether it’s a relaxing Japanese-style room, a room with beautiful nature views, or a luxurious private villa.

Return to the origin.

Discover a home away from home in the warm and inviting atmosphere of our Japanese-style guest rooms.
Admire the comforting wood-crafted design and take in beautiful views of the garden outside.
The cool breezes and lush greenery of Hakone invite you on a journey of self-discovery.

Oku-no-kigi Private Villas

Each of the 6 spacious Japanese-style villas features a private open-air hot spring.
Relax and unwind in the cozy bedroom—connected to the private hot spring—and the dining area, where you can enjoy a meal in your own private space.

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