Witness the beautiful stroke of nature’s brush in the hotel garden, vibrant in all four seasons.

The hotel garden stretches across an area of 49,000 square meters (12 acres).
Enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and surrounding natural landscape, including the lush, forested garden.
Take a stroll through mountain paths among the chirping birds and blooming flowers.
A leisurely stroll around the garden will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
Enjoy the changing faces of the garden throughout all four seasons: the scent of blooming flowers in spring, the refreshing breeze in summer, the fiery red leaves covering the mountains in autumn, and the frozen stillness of winter.
The shade and cool breeze make it a perfect place to escape the heat of summer.
(Hakone is generally 5 to 8 degrees cooler than the city.)

The Garden in Spring

  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春002
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春003
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春004
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春007
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春010
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春012
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春015
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春017
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春022
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春023
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春029
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春030
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春031
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春032
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_春033

The Garden in Summer

  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏001
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏003
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏004
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏005
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏006
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏008
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏012
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏016
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏021
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_夏022

The Garden in Autumn

  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋003
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋004
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋006
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋009
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋011
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋012
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋013
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋014
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋019
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_秋021

The Garden in Winter

  • 仙郷楼の庭園_冬004
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_冬005
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_冬008
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_冬009
  • 仙郷楼の庭園_冬010

Walking Paths

There is a walking trail on the grounds that takes about 30 minutes to walk slowly in yukata.
You can spend a pleasant moment in contact with nature.

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