Privacy Policy

1. Matters concerning publication of the Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Regarding the purpose of use of personal information obtained by a method other than direct collection via a written document: Each time we obtain personal information by a method other than direct collection via a written document, we will clearly state what the information will be used for.
For all other cases of obtaining personal information, we will use it within the boundaries of the following use:

To send helpful information to a guest about seasonal events or promotions (New Years’ greeting cards, for example) via post, email, or phone call.

2. Disclosure to Third Parties

We will not disclose your personal information to a third-party without your prior consent, except for in the following cases:

When required by law
In an emergency, to protect a person’s life, health, or property.

3. Matters Concerning Outsourcing to Third-Parties

When outsourcing part or all of our business operations, in the event that we will entrust personal information to a third party or make personal information available to a third party for shared use, we will form the necessary contract(s) between us and the third party, and take all necessary actions as required by law.
Within the boundaries of use of personal information defined in Section 1, in the case that we outsource part or all of our business operations, we will form a contract which includes clauses about the protection of said information and supervision of its use, and will manage and supervise third-party businesses appropriately.

4. Disclosure, Modification, and Deletion of Personal Information

If a guest wishes to see their own personal information, we will disclose the information to that individual following a designated procedure.
In the event that the individual wants to modify or delete the information after seeing it, we will comply.

5. Safety Management

We will abide by any and all laws and standards that apply to the protection of personal information and carry out all necessary and appropriate measures for safety management.

6. Help Desk Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

If you have comments or complaints regarding our handling of personal information, please contact the following help desk:

By phone: 0460-84-8521

By letter:

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